Hi!  I am Rhonda Cooper. I love helping busy people get organized and develop systems so that they have a new found freedom to pursue their personal and professional goals. With over 17 years in industry in engineering, process improvement, and leadership; I am excited to share my strengths and passions to help others.

What’s Happening Backstage?

As a kid I remember going to plays and performances and thinking about the action happening behind the scenes, not just on stage.  I considered the people backstage coordinating the lights, the costume changes, and the scenery.  What systems did they have in place to make the whole performance happen without a hitch?  During a recent vacation at Disney World, I couldn’t help but think about all of the different business processes taking place to make it “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”  Again thinking about the “backstage” processes, I appreciated the janitorial staff, the food service, and the transportation systems.  As an adult, I realize that I may be unique in considering the behind the scene processes – others are probably just enjoying the play and riding Space Mountain.

These backstage processes happen in our everyday lives – this can be the way we manage our morning routine, our mailbox, or our spaces. Sometimes we need to take the time to look at our backstage processes and systematize or improve how they are being managed. These improvements will give us extra time and brainpower to pursue and achieve our personal and professional goals.


In the corporate world, I managed process improvements and system development for large-scale projects and programs (i.e. help to improve a lot of the backstage processes for a large corporation that does hard things).  The skills and methodology that I have used in industry for over 17 years can be utilized to organize your space, time, and finances. Getting these items organized will get you on the path of feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed, and ready to reach your goals.

Professional Organizer

Do you have a backstage process in your life that needs to be reviewed and improved? Do you need help just getting started, are not sure how to go about it, or need to be coached through the process? As a NAPO organizing and productivity professional, I can help you with on-site organizing sessions or coaching sessions. You can get started here.